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J.M.R Cocktail & Co \\ Luxe Wedding Day Sips

Sip in style with dreamy handcrafted cocktails in beautiful glass bottles. 

J.M.R Cocktail & Co are now gracing candlelit tablescapes and bloom adorned Bars on your Wedding Day.

Either as gifts for your guests, a selection of your favourites featured at the Bar or packed inside a decadent picnic basket for your destination elopement. Whatever the occasion JMR Cocktails are a fun way to celebrate in style. 

With an appreciation for high-quality drinks delivered in a simplified, beautiful way – JMR Cocktails have been curated by two of the best in the bar business with all of your favourite classics, including Negroni, Espresso Martini and more… “All you need to do is chill, add a garnish and enjoy!”

We caught up with one of J.M.R Cocktail & Co, founders Amy Alexander to hear about the Wellington brand adding a little luxe to your event drink menu.

Where did the idea for J.M.R Cocktail & Co come from? How did you get started?

My business partner and I both come from a background of hospitality and have been lucky enough to travel (when it was ok to do so), enjoying many delicious drinks along the way. We both struggled to find a consistent, well-made cocktail unless confined to the walls of a cocktail bar. Born was the concept of J.M.R Cocktail & Co bottled cocktails where we imagined enjoying a perfectly mixed drink anywhere with minimal fuss.

Our bottled cocktails were launched with the classic cocktail drinker in mind. Someone who appreciates something perfectly executed, a little on the boozy side, and not filled with added sugar or preservatives. All our cocktails are made to traditional recipes with a dash of filtered water, which helps replicate the crucial dilution process you’d otherwise receive in a cocktail bar. We focus on those who want a touch of sparkle to accompany a memorable experience.

What is your favourite thing about seeing JMR at beautiful weddings and events?

I adore meeting new people! I love how each event and wedding captures unique personalities and themes. From the planning stages to the execution, I think it’s a real honour to play a small part in someone’s special day.

After a busy week at work, what cocktail would we find in your hand?

A Negroni with a zest of orange. A balanced classic and the perfect drink for any occasion.

How do you maintain a good work/life balance?

I set goals and work hours and try my best to prioritise my time. Checklists are my best friends. I often work from home, so breaks are easily overlooked. I add ‘lunchtime’ into my diary each day so I’m mindful to stop, have a cup of tea, or move my body. I have a young daughter, so making the most of our time outside of work is incredibly important to me. She makes me slow down and really focus on the moment when we’re together. Balance can be really tricky in the drinks and events world, but it helps immensely that I really enjoy my work, as it genuinely fits with who I am as a person.

If you could go back and tell yourself anything during your first 6 months of business, what would you say?

Ask for more help and don’t try to tackle it all by yourself. I was so anxious about not knowing everything and I was obsessed with doing everything myself. All that does is slow you down. Focus on your strengths and bring in others to compliment your skills to create a passionate team (like mine!) who share in your vision.

Do you have anything exciting in the works for JMR you can tell us about?

We have a number of things on the cards, but one, in particular, is our upcoming collab with Southward Distilling. Frankie is a fellow Canadian who makes spirits in Wellington, so we’re excited to be creating something together. Watch this space, it’s due out in November.

For more dreamy cocktail inspiration you can find J.M.R Cocktail & Co featured on our exclusive Wild Hearts Vendor Collection here and follow J.M.R Cocktail & Co on Instagram here.

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