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Alpine vistas and dreamy landscapes with Queenstown Elopements

If you’re looking for a breathtaking location to elope, look no further than Queenstown. Nestled among snow-capped mountains and sparkling lakes, Queenstown is the perfect destination for couples who want to exchange vows in a stunning natural setting. And when it comes to planning your elopement, there’s no better team to work with than Queenstown Elopements.

Led by a team with over ten years of experience in the wedding industry, Queenstown Elopements is dedicated to bringing your elopement dreams to life. From intimate mountain-top ceremonies to lakeside vows, they offer a range of options to ensure your day is as unique as you are.

Firstly, give us an introduction.. A little bit about your team and how Queenstown Elopements came to be…

Queenstown Elopements is an intimate boutique wedding and elopement planning company based in Queenstown (would you believe). We are all about the work/life balance and believe if you find something you love doing, you will never “work” a day in your life…… So here we are doing what we love and enjoy.

I can’t get enough of our team. We are so lucky to share the same passion for what we do, and we all gel so well in every sense, whether working together, dining together, or during the many long phone calls we get carried away with.

Carla Mitchell is one of the best photographers in the area, and her work is often featured in many print and online media. Runaway Film Studio’s talent is so hard to beat. They have the ability to direct and create the most incredible highlight films of a wedding day without being intrusive or in the way. Tess, our celebrant, is all heart. I swear she sometimes sheds more tears than the couple. She writes the most loving, heartfelt ceremonies and delivers them with genuine emotion while remaining light-hearted and fun. We are fortunate to have this talented bunch and their associates on our team.

Carla & I go way back over 25 years., I was in awe of her, she just had so much passion for her work, so I jumped on the bandwagon. I am a hopeless romantic and have always loved planning date nights, weekends away, and anything that filled the soul, so what better industry to enter than the wedding industry, right?

Queenstown is an absolute dreamscape destination. What makes this location a special place to elope?

We have it all: our dramatic landscapes, incredible seasons, high-class bars and restaurants, great activities, and top wedding vendors. The industry here is world-class. We are so lucky with our florists, hair & makeup artists, venues, photographers, videographers, and planners. Queenstown is such a vibe.

What can couples expect when working with you on their elopement day?

As I mentioned before, we are a very tight-knit team, who share the same passion for our work, our booking process is relaxed but informative, and we carry that right through to your wedding day. We know what the day is all about, and what’s most important is our clients, their love, and making it official. We may be strangers, but it certainly feels like we were meant to be there on your wedding day.

We come prepared with hand steamers, tissues, warm coats (you never know when it will snow in Queenstown), safety pins, food & water, and bubbles!! It may just be the two of you or a few guests, but our attention to detail will be there from the start.

Run us through a typical elopement timeline…

We like to keep things nice and simple.

Breakfast/brunch (is a must, don’t let that nerves get in the way)

1pm In-room hair & Makeup

3 pm Florals & planner arrive (to make sure your dress is steamed and those pants are pressed)

3:30pm Photographer & Videographer arrive. They capture all those finer details, first look,  your outfits, flowers, rings, and any unique details of your wedding day.

4:30 Check in for heli flight

4:45-6:30 Heli Ceremony & shoot

7:30 Romantic dinner

We don’t need to go in to what happens after dinner 

What’s your favourite moment during a Queenstown Elopement day?

We all have slightly different favourite moments. I have a couple of moments that trigger me. My first one is when I pick up the flowers from the florist to deliver to our clients. Until that point, it has all been planning and creating; this is the first “real” part of the wedding day. I love seeing it all come together.

My next special moment would be the atmosphere change after the ceremony. There is definitely a lead-up to your wedding day, a lot of nerves and emotions run high, after the ceremony everyone seems to get lost in the moment and that’s so special to watch.

Who is your dream client?

We love working with couples on the same page as us, who are looking for a dreamy elopement and, most of all, to share the love and passion for each other. We have been so lucky to attract the clients we have so far. Each and every one has been so heartfelt and beautiful. Our team needs to be the right fit for our clients too.

Nothing beats those intimate mountaintop photos. Do you recommend booking a heli?

Helis are incredible, and you can access some absolutely stunning locations, which is unique… But you can find some fantastic ground locations with that classic dramatic Queenstown look. So I would say it’s entirely up to you. Either way, we have something for everyone.

Is there any advice you can give to couples that are trying to decide between a big traditional wedding and a destination elopement?

Well, will Aunty Barb like the food, or what party favours you leave on the table? Honestly, when you strip your big traditional wedding back to why you are there, it makes no difference who is there to watch you. There is so much time for dinners, drinks, and BBQs for weeks with all your groups of friends and family celebrating your love. We have got you covered with photos and videos to share with your loved ones, and best of all, the celebrations will always continue well after your elopement day.

What trends are you seeing in weddings around New Zealand, and especially in Queenstown?

Elopements and intimate weddings are getting far more popular after covid. Having society stripped from us for a while has made us realise it can just be the two of you. You get a holiday/honeymoon all at the same time, perfect!

Heli weddings in Queenstown will never die, we are so blessed with our landscapes and accessibility, so I wouldn’t say it’s a trend but defiantly a high priority for those booking.

How can couples book in with you?

You can jump on our website and fill in our contact form or give us a call to discuss your day. We will put your dreams into motion to create the most unforgettable day.

Team Photo (L-R): Ryan Domenico (associate shooter) Tess Kelly (Celebrant) Carla Mitchell (Photographer + Editor) Haley Kelly (Planner) Nadia Insolia (Videographer + Editor) Robbie Romero (Videographer + Editor)

See Queenstown Elopements on the Vendor Collection here

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