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An intimate programme for creative business owners who want to step away from ‘the hustle’ and start running their business AND their life in a more sustainable, purposeful & profitable way. 

Let's be honest, last year was hard. Hard for business, hard mentally & emotionally, and hard for creativity! If you feel like you're still trying to find your way back to the business and life you dream of, you're not alone.

‘I’m feeling powerful, motivated, and grateful’
'An insane amount of information & inspiration!'
'There were many penny dropping moments for me throughout the course, and they were beginning of everything falling into place for me in my business and my life.'
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  • Having lots of great ideas, but no idea how to make them happen


  • Stressing over daily tasks because your processes are in desperate need of attention… which makes you feel like even more of an imposter


  • Struggling to define ‘who’ your brand is, what your goals are & how to market yourself


  • Being sick of missing out on time with friends & family (or time for yourself – what even is self-care?!), because you’re working crazy hours


  • Feeling unmotivated, stuck, lost, or straight up OVERWHELMED


  • Or just feeling like there MUST be a better way to do things

DID YOU KNOW? Occupational Burnout is now officially listed on the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) International Classification of Diseases list.


That’s right, burnout has been recognised as a medical disease. 


If you’re running a creative business, burnout is a very real threat.


But guess what?


You CAN live your life AND run your business in a more sustainable way.


👏🏻 A way that earns you good money.


👏🏽 A way that feeds your creative soul.


👏🏾 A way that gives you the freedom to live life on your own terms, no matter what life throws at you.

Introducing the Creative Master Class (CMC) by Wild Hearts 

An intimate programme for creative business owners who want to step away from ‘the hustle’ and start running their business AND their life  in a more sustainable, purposeful & profitable way.   



Led by the Wild Hearts CMC team the 2021 CMC will give you the tools, processes & inspiration you need to thrive through the philosophy of slow business & create the life you always wanted.

‘I’m feeling powerful, motivated, and grateful’
'An insane amount of information & inspiration!'
'There were many penny dropping moments for me throughout the course, and they were beginning of everything falling into place for me in my business and my life.'
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The CMC is designed to help you build the foundations of a thriving & sustainable business. Because at the end of the day, you’re not just offering a creative service or making a beautiful product.



You’re running a business.

What you’re in for:


The 2020 CMC was a roaring success, and we’ve spent the last few months tweaking the format & content to ensure this year’s course is even better….


✔️ 8 weeks, 8 modules.

✔️ Fully downloadable content delivered in a way creatives learn best – think audio & written interviews, bonus downloads, workbooks, and access to our CMC Facebook community for 24/7 support.

✔️Private podcast interviews exclusive for our CMC Members.

✔️ A holistic mix of content, covering business foundations (such as websites/SEO/social media/finances) as well as lifestyle (such as mindfulness, stress and nutrition).  

 ✔️ A fresh module will be released inside our CMC Student Hub each week, but you can learn at your own pace – from anywhere in the world, as the content will be available to you for the full year. 

✔️ Access to some of the best brains across the creative industries, from the Wild Hearts team to an array of guests sharing their own experiences and knowledge through weekly podcast-style ‘Power Sessions’ and in depth written interviews.

✔️Tools to live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted & the support to make any changes to get you there. 

Who are the Wild Hearts CMC team?

Great question!


The team is led by Samantha Gerard, founder of Wild Hearts, Stylist, Creative, Wild Hearts Founder, Mama & slow business advocate and someone who has learnt from her own business burnout, inspiring her to help other creative business owners build more sustainable practices in business. She’s joined by a trio of fantastically clever and experienced women including Sabrina Weber, Laura Tuck of Tide Studio & Michelle Fowler of Half Light Studio. Each week these talented creative business owners will be providing tips & advice, supported by our amazing 2021 CMC sponsors.




So – what exactly is ‘slow business’?

It’s pretty simple, really. Slow business is all about slowing down to speed up.


It’s about knowing ‘who’ your business is and where it’s going. It’s about being mindful and intentional, but also taking very strategic steps to get yourself closer to your goals.


In a world filled with chaos, slow business gives you the headspace you need to make decisions clearly – ones that will best serve your business, and help you achieve your version of success. Success that lets you live your life the way you want to, because you’re purposeful in your steps.


It’s not about playing it safe or being lazy. Slow business is about working smarter (not harder) to get yourself off that stressful hamster wheel for good.

Ready to slow down to speed up? Ready to step into your power as a true creative entrepreneur? Ready to take your business to a whole new level this year?

Meet your modules

It’s time to get intentional.

  • Get familiar with the concept of slow business, and how this can work for your brand.
  • Refine your goals, vision, and boundaries, so you know what’s working & what needs to change.
  • Perfect the art of manifesting and other vision tools.

Branding is so much more than just a logo.

  • Learn how to build a brand you can be proud of – one that elevates your reputation, makes people fall in love with your business & converts them into paying clients (and loyal brand advocates!).
  • Learn how to find the right team to help you bring your vision to life.
  • Figure out who your dream clients are… and how to attract them.

Ensure the sustainability of your business long-term.

  • Remove confusion about all things. finance/invoicing/insurance/tax/T&Cs.
  • Get your processes watertight, so you can stop wasting time and money and start making confident decisions.
  • Learn how to set value-based rates (it’s all about knowing your worth).
  • Empower yourself to talk about money with clients – let’s turn an awkward topic into an enjoyable part of your business!

Health, wellbeing & mindset are just as important as numbers.

  • Identify key strategies for beating the feeling of being overwhelmed.
  • Explore the impact of exercise, nutrition, sleep, and hormones on both your mental & physical health.
  • Learn tools for balancing work/life commitments and building a business that lights you up.

Get your creative ducks in a row.

  • Learn how to create your own high quality content (with simple how-to guides, tips and tricks, tutorials & apps), so you can stop stressing about where your next social post is coming from.
  • Discover the ins and outs of flat lays, mood boards, content creation calendars, and collaborations.
  • Get the lowdown on stock imagery (and the T&Cs of using it ethically).

Work smarter, not harder.

  • Discover the beauty of outsourcing and automation.
  • Learn how to surround yourself with a dream team, and become a better leader.
  • Explore business/life hacks for surviving challenging times.
  • Get your hands on all the tools & resources that will make your life 1000x easier.

Online marketing made easy.

  • Discover the key elements of a good website (from graphic design to user experience).
  • Get your head around SEO & how to boost your ranking on Google.
  • Learn how to write better copy & content, so your ideal clients start listening & converting.
  • Develop a social media strategy (yep, you can finally stop winging it!).
  • Get acquainted with lead magnets and email welcome sequences.
  • Learn how to create and grow an email list, so you can start marketing more effectively.

A shiny bonus module to cement your learning & inspire you to move forward with confidence.

  • Look back and tick off all your CMC tasks.
  • Reflect on the process (and your own projects moving forward) with the CMC reflection journal.
  • Enjoy a special wrap-up session with the Wild Hearts team, to clarify any content you still have questions about.
  • Celebrate the journey and work you have put in. 


As a BONUS along with our modules, workbooks, downloads and so much more…. 

 We will be bringing you both audio podcast and in-depth written interviews from some of the most incredible leaders in business that have been inspiring us! 

We want to share real stories from people doing incredible things in business.


I’m Laura Mohi, founder of Wild Pilates. I have 10 years experience as a Pilates instructor and decided to set up my own studio almost 5 years ago now. We hope to inspire our clients to experience the benefits of our two great loves, Pilates and nature.


With the addition of our Online studio to accompany our boutique studio, we can help more people to prioritise themselves. With over 200 Pilates videos of all lengths, it is the Pilates studio that fits around your lifestyle



Greta is the Editor, Founder & Publisher of Together Journal – a publication celebrating creative and authentic real weddings, celebrations and love from all over the world. Greta studied photography, graphic design and marketing, and worked in the fashion industry for eight years before having her three children. While on maternity leave, she started shooting weddings for friends, as well as editorial content for magazines and blogs. Her photography business grew rapidly – within a couple of years she was shooting weddings all over New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Island, Indonesia and the USA. Eventually, Greta noticed a distinct lack of modern wedding media on a global scale – so with the help of others in the wedding community, Together Journal was born!

Beck Wadworth_Home Tour_22



Beck Wadworth is the founder of lifestyle brand An Organised Life, a lover of stationery & organisation she lives and breathes the brand from designing the products through to writing organisational content. 


Founded in 2013 after seeing a gap in the market, the brand was born out of a desire to bring structure and organisation to busy lives. Through a curated selection of stationery products including calendars, diaries, notebooks, & downloadable essentials that combine function & style, giving you the tools & content to live your best life.




Karen Walker’s eccentrically elegant style has established a stellar international following for her ready-to-wear, eyewear, jewellery and collaborations.


Karen’s signature energy and optimism define the label. Her designs cleverly play with cultural subtext, juxtaposing luxe and street, masculine and feminine, folk and utility, creating pieces that are both directional and wearable: Adele, Priyanka Chopra, Rihanna, Michelle Obama and Lady Gaga count themselves amongst the formidable roster of celebrity fans.


Karen’s influence has seen her consistently ranked in The Business of Fashion’s powerhouse BoF 500, reflecting her position as a global industry figure shaping the future.



Hayley Thomas is an artist and designer working with clay as her primary medium. She has a strong interest in organic abstract forms, natural materials and traditional methods. Her works embrace the wabi-sabi Japanese philosophy and Scandinavian minimalist aesthetics.

In her work, she aims to highlight the inherent beauty of the medium through self-taught technique and design. Her wheel-thrown and hand-built works are made in her solar-powered studio in Nelson, NZ.

Hayley’s ceramics are objects of art and beauty for the home with function and for everyday use. She seeks to stimulate the senses of sight and touch through form and texture and to encourage a softer, slower, more connected way of life.

She also has an interest in fashion and design having explored sewing and textiles, photography, web design, branding and event staging before discovering her current love of ceramics.
Hayley is also a busy mother of three young girls, and a qualified nutritionist.

I am wildly passionate about celebrating the human experience. It is my mission to inspire others to devour their lives with great joy. I started teaching group fitness when I was 15 years old. I remember teaching my first class, and feeling such an electric joy. I thought to myself, I am going to work with humans for the rest of my life. I was right.. After two decades of teaching movement, rebuilding my body after 4 hip surgeries, completing a Bachelor of Naturopathy, herbal medicine & nutrition, here I am. Here with you. Here’s to exploring the possibilities of strength, magic, freedom, and all that our bodies are truly capable of. I just want you to understand how spectacular you truly are.



Michelle is the creative behind Half light Studio, a multidisciplinary design and business strategy studio dedicated to helping small businesses and creatives level-up and create conscious and sustainable brands. 


Michelle is an experienced designer, developer and business mentor who has a wealth of expertise working for and alongside small-to-medium businesses across a variety of industries. 


Her approach to brand growth centres on supporting clients to gain clarity on their values, streamlining and organising their systems, and elevating their thought processes to create conscious business models filled with nourishment and purpose.



Lover of all things wild, Samantha founded Wild Hearts in 2015 alongside a group of local creatives. With a passion for dreaming big and a vision to create a community of like-minded industry leaders, Samantha has grown Wild Hearts into the well-known brand it is today. A stylist by trade, she is also the creative-soul behind all of our Wild Hearts campaigns and you will find her work featured in some of our favourite places including Together journal, Hello May, The Lane, and our own Wild Hearts Magazine. She’s spoken at lots of industry workshops over the past few years about the power of visual branding, and loves sharing and inspiring others to do great things. 


Sabrina Weber is a Women’s Empowerment Coach for those who made it their business to be of service. A Modern Mystic and self-proclaimed Palm-Tree Enthusiast living in the beachy surf town of Raglan, New Zealand.
In true Aries fashion, she has designed her own career path, blending spirituality with purpose-driven business mentoring that now attracts and elevates like-minded women globally. Empowering them to live life by design, stepping into their true goddess power and purpose work for a happier and freedom filled life.



In November 2015 we quit our corporate jobs in Auckland and began traveling the world! We left with a one way ticket and since then we’ve split our time between exploring, volunteering, and working on our company that we started while on the road. We work on website development, SEO, online marketing, and business consulting.

Our philosophy is to work with awesome people on great projects that we’re passionate about, and donate the rest of our time to worthy causes that need support.

2020 saw us return back to New Zealand and we are still living nomadically, but now in our own backyard. We’re planning to spend Winter 2021 in Wanaka and Queenstown.

Hannah Real Rad Food



Real Rad Food was born out of a passion for plant-based food and social media marketing.


During my time at university, I fell in love with creating and sharing plant-based food with a community of people online. As the community of people grew, I began to see an opportunity to turn my passion into a full-time gig. So I did!


Real Rad Food was born in 2017 and I began my mission of making delicious, healthy and beautiful food more accessible to everyone. No matter what the dietary requirement, whether that be a cafe cabinet, online store or more recently, New World Stores across the country.



Laura here! I’m a beach-loving sauce enthusiast who appreciates the good things in life… like a clever pun, a smooth glass of pinot or a heated grammar debate. I also write strategic + conversational website copy, sales pages & email sequences for brands that aren’t afraid of a little personality.


With a background in marketing, PR, communications & all things content, I understand the importance of words. Because words are powerful – they give you the ability to make your reader feel something, and then take action (like buy your products, join your course, or pick up the phone and call you).


But here’s the catch: Your writing has to be good – damn good – and your message has to be clear so your customers will listen. That’s where I come in.

At nextAdvisory we work with established businesses to help them build the business they want. We have a passion for helping business owners thrive in doing what they love.
Qualified Chartered Accountants with a business development focus, we help people improve, grow and enjoy their business journey.
We partner with our clients to build a personable relationship and provide more than a set of accounts at the end of the year.


Snowball Effect

Emily helps Kiwi businesses raise capital through New Zealand’s leading online investment platform, Snowball Effect. Snowball Effect has raised over $90 million for great Kiwi companies like Beepure, Arcipro, and Little Island through their 30,000 investors in private, public, or top-up raises.

Prior to Snowball Effect, Emily successfully founded Romer and expanded it across New Zealand, Australia, and Asia, where she discovered a passion for everything from raising capital, digital strategy, discovering innovative ways to market, and creating a mass-scale experience


We partner with our clients to build a personable relationship and provide more than a set of accounts at the end of the year.


Each week, not only will you be receiving our CMC online Module + Workbook + Podcasts + Industry Interviews, we also have a TON of insanely good BONUS’ including:


✶ Weekly Pilates sessions with Laura Mohi from Wild Pilates. Add this into your daily schedule for the week and see how your productivity and overall happiness shines


✶ Exclusive discounts and special offers from our CMC Sponsors 


✶ Weekly tips from our CMC team on productivity, content, mindfulness, growth and styling


✶ Favourite resources – a weekly list of books, podcasts, and apps to check out


✶ Printable Quotes & Affirmations. A special selection of words to inspire your week




Whether you’re already an established brand or just starting out, this is your chance to learn from some of the best in the biz & adopt their winning strategies!

The CMC is your exclusive backstage pass to all the innovative ideas and insights you need to succeed.

Still wondering whether the CMC is for you?


You’ll fit right in if the below goals are on your wish-list:


No more working 24/7   


No more stressing about your brand, your marketing, or how to show up authentically in the world


No more wondering where your next client is coming from


No more confusion about your systems & processes


No more feeling stuck, unmotivated, or in a constant state of overwhelm


“Whether you have just started a business or have been in business for a few years, there is so much to gain for everyone. I honestly can’t recommend it enough.


There were many penny dropping moments for me throughout the course, and they were beginning of everything falling into place for me in my business and my life. 


This nurturing side to the course was such a surprise to me. The team not only gave you loads of useful information, but it was delivered with this underlying energy of unconditional support and encouragement, and inspiration and connection. I was on a high for the entirety of the course, despite being in the middle of our first lockdown at the time.


The standout impact the course had for me was the change in how I felt about my work and my journey. 


We may think what we want is more work, or better paying clients, or more followers, or more recognition…etc  but ultimately what we are wanting is for those things to change the way we feel about our work. We desire those things because we want to feel differently. And now, after the course, I do. 


It took a few months of integrating and breaking old patterns but all of a sudden, everything we had talked about and worked through, clicked into place, and I haven’t looked back.


On the surface not very much has changed [yet], but inside I feel entirely different – I no longer second guess myself or my work, I have the confidence to experiment and really enjoy the creative process, I am attracting more work than I ever have, and am so happy in my work. Most of all I have complete faith that I am on track and that things are evolving at the right pace for me.


Thanks so much Sam, Michelle, Sabrina & Laura – it was such a turning point in my journey, I’ll never forget it



How the CMC stacks up

Other Courses



The 8-week CMC course kicks off on 31st of May 2021

Grab your spot below!

Here’s what some more of last year’s CMCers thought of the experience…

“I loved the CMC. Thanks for providing such positivity and growth in a time that was a little bit of a weird one for many.”


Kimberley McCone, Smitten With Love

“Wow, thank you ladies, this was an insane amount of information and inspiration! From the get go the energy and love was there.”


Grace Watson

“It has been so lovely to have a stream of positive and inspiring content each week, and it’s been amazing to learn so much from so many incredible people in our industry. I have high hopes for 2021, and the content we’ve covered has given me so much to think about and work with! Feeling powerful and motivated!”

Amber Francesca Cortizo

“In short, the CMC exceeded all expectations every single week. You couldn’t have done it any better – it was absolutely perfect!! And you steering the ship for us was the best part – your warm supportive encouraging presence there guiding us all was just the best feeling”


Skye Carter Photography

The CMC is now open!

Whatever your goals, the 2021 CMC will help you get there.


If you’re ready to start transforming your creative business (and your life!) into the best version of itself, grab your spot now. We’ll see you inside.

Join the CMC now











$116.33 with Laybuy



Nope – you don’t have to be part of the wedding industry to take part. Because we cover such a range of topics, the CMC is great for entrepreneurs working in any creative industry.


Last year’s inaugural CMC featured many expert speakers from the wedding industry. This year, we’re having a wider mix of expert contributors from across the creative/financial/health/marketing industries. 


If you want to check whether you’re a good fit, simply contact us for a chat!

The CMC is a holistic course in the sense we cover everything from business fundamentals (think invoicing and cash flow) and marketing (how to build a brand & sell it) through to personal growth (mindset and wellbeing). 


Through a powerful mix of open conversations, templates, tools, processes and creative tutorials, we’ll help you build the foundations of a business – and a life – that’s truly sustainable. You’ll be hard pressed to find a mix this good somewhere else!

Yes! Whether you’re based in New Zealand, Australia, the US, Europe or somewhere else, you can take part in the CMC because it’s fully digital. Time zones aren’t an issue because you can learn at your own pace.

You’ll be given your own login details to the CMC portal on the Wild Hearts website, which is where you’ll find the CMC content (split into 8 modules). New modules will go live each Monday at 9am, and will be announced via the CMC Facebook page and an email reminder.

Each module (8 in total) will feature a industry Session with a guest expert. Like an open conversation between the speaker and the Wild Hearts team, these private podcast audio and written interviews will discuss a topic related to that week’s module. Each session will be slightly different but they’ll each leave you with loads of inspiration, behind the brand experiences,  knowledge and advice from these incredible business owners and experts. Because they’re pre-recorded, you can access them at any time – whether it’s on your commute to the office, on your evening walk, or while chilling out at home.

We have lots of expert guests joining us for both audio and written interviews this round of the CMC – scroll up to our ‘industry guest’ sections to see our list. There’s still more to be announced soon!

You’ll have access for 12 months, which gives you plenty of time to complete the course if something pops up.

We start on Monday 31st May 2021. The course runs for 8 weeks, ending 23rd July 2021.