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Charm + Character in the heart of Southland with Gather + Gold

With the Southern Alps as their backdrop, it comes as no surprise that Gather & Gold Tipis + Sailcloths have garnered a reputation for crafting events in the most stunning of locations. A passion project born from their own tipi wedding, Gather & Gold tipis and sailcloth tents, are full of charm and character. Taking inspiration from their stunning surrounds, they offer a beautiful alternative to that of a traditional marquee – being versatile, practical and stylish.

Read more about how a dreamy tipi wedding comes to life here…

What was the spark for Gather + Gold? Where did your story begin?
It all started with my own tipi wedding obsession. I was so smitten with making my dream wedding come to life that I turned it into a full-time gig. Now, I get to sprinkle that magic on others’ big days. It’s like playing fairy godmother, but with more canvas and tent pegs!

Describe the process when booking with Gather + Gold. How far in advance should couples book?
We’ve got couples who plan their tipi extravaganza two years in advance, especially those with guests jetting in from all corners of the globe. But hey, if you wake up one morning and decide you want to get hitched next month, give us a ring! We might just have a tipi with your name on it. Early birds or spontaneous lovebirds, we welcome all.

Photography by Francine Boer Photography

What styles and aesthetics are you loving right now?
We’re all about the bold, sparkly, and the beautiful lately. Companies like Bangin’ Hangins’ are on our love list, with their eye-popping decor. Florals are getting wild, mixing in fruits and bursting with colours—it’s a feast for the eyes and a party for the petals.

Your favourite wedding venue to date?
Dublin Bay steals the show with its everything-at-your-fingertips convenience and stunning views, but there’s something undeniably charming about a rugged, roll-up-your-sleeves farm wedding. There’s nothing like partying where the only photobombers are cows.

Photography by Francine Boer Photography

A planning tip or two you’ve learned along the way that you’d give to any couple?
Keep calm and marry on! Seriously, just enjoy the ride and trust us, trust your vendors, and remember, the journey to “I do” should be as fun as the destination.

Your job? To bask in the glow of love (and maybe enjoy a few cocktails along the way).

What differentiates Gather + Gold from other Marquee / Sailcloth companies?
Honestly? We really care. Like, a lot. Not just about the tipis or the decor, but about making your day feel as special as if it were our own. We’re here to make sure your wedding is as epic as you’ve imagined it, with a personal touch that feels like you’re our only client.

Photography by Francine Boer Photography

What are you inspired by at the moment in the world of weddings?
It’s all about the colour and happy vibes! Weddings are popping with personality, and it’s infectious. We’re here for all the joy and jazz hands.

What’s next for Gather + Gold in 2024?
We’re going to keep on keeping on! Rolling out those tepees, making wedding dreams come true, and maybe, just maybe, adding a few new surprises along the way.

Stay tuned and if you’re thinking about getting hitched, give us a shout. We’re always ready to roll out the canvas for your love story!

Photography by Francine Boer Photography

To plan your very own Tipi wedding with the team at Gather + Gold visit them on the Vendor Collection here



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