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A Little Bit Floral: A Love Letter to Flowers 

A Little Bit Floral is a love letter to all things floral, fresh or dried. Charlotte’s modern and classic style lends itself to bohemian aesthetics that often incorporate dried flowers, creating whimsical and romantic arrangements for weddings and events.

With Charlotte’s expertise and vision, your wedding florals will be an integral part of creating the perfect atmosphere for your dream day.

Beyond weddings, A Little Bit Floral is excited to announce the opening of a new floral boutique with a special collaboration coming soon to Christchurch. This move will mean more face-to-face consultations with brides and a whole new audience for Charlotte’s beautiful flowers. Canterbury wedding bookings will be available starting in April 2023.

If you’re looking for inspiration in florals or just need to add a little beauty to your life, get to know the story behind A Little More Floral

Please introduce yourself and tell us what you do?

Hey, Charlotte here – lover of all things floral, fresh or dried. As well as creating florals day to day I love putting together flowers for weddings and events.

How long have you been a florist?

It’s something I came to a few years back after working in the advertising industry for over a decade, before deciding my life needed an overhaul. Ever since a kid I had loved flowers and floristry was something I felt drawn to. I love that not only is it about ‘playing with flowers all day’ it’s about people, solving problems and challenging yourself creatively. You’re always learning and it never gets boring.

How would you describe your style?

It’s modern, but classic, lending itself to Boho and incorporating dried when required.

Do you have a favourite flower or floral combination and why?

It basically changes on a daily basis – when you discover a new colour or variety that you haven’t met before. But for fresh flowers I can’t go past a (cymbidium) orchid in a wintery red. I also love proteas because they’re the best dried and I love me some dried flowers.

Tell us about what the process is for a couple starting to plan their wedding day florals?

Planning wedding florals can be like ‘how longs a piece of string’ with so many options, it’s often not as simple as “bouquets and buttonholes for the bridal party, please.”

Obviously budget and what time of year you’re getting married are the biggest considerations, but scouring instagram and Pinterest are also high up the list as it’s good to have some idea of the vibe you like and a colour palette that you’re after. Don’t get me wrong, I love a creative brief where I’m allowed to just ‘do my thing’ but it’s about setting expectations from the outset and making sure you love your florals because they’re a huge part of setting the vibe for the wedding.

I’d recommend engaging your florist anywhere from a year out, but depending on day and season you might be lucky with a last minute booking, but typically if flowers aren’t ordered at least 6 weeks out, you may be leaving your flower options to Lady Luck.

Any advice on choosing flowers/floral arrangements for couples getting married?

(Sadly) being mindful that flowers aren’t cheap is important – coming to your florist with a wish list is great, but just be aware that a good one will advise the best spend of money for your budget and you might not be able to have everything you thought you wanted. It’s about doing less things well, rather than stretching your budget and being underwhelmed with the results.

It’s also good to remember that with a florist you get what you pay for. You’re not paying just for the flowers (although that’s obviously the biggest part of it), you’re paying for good communication, advice and their experience.

At the end of the day you’ve chosen your florist because you like their work and get their vibe. Have a little faith and let them do their thing.

What floral trends do you think we will be seeing this year?

There’s a move towards more fun, bright palettes for weddings which is super exciting, but I don’t think classic whites and soft pinks are going anywhere just yet.

What keeps you inspired?

Other florists are my biggest inspiration. Seeing what they’re doing here and overseas keeps me motivated to keep learning and honing my skills, daring me to be brave in my choices and trust the process.

If you aren’t setting up florals for a wedding, where would we find you on a Saturday morning?

Truly, in bed. My husband will attest to the fact that this girl likes her sleep.

What’s coming up next for A Little Bit Floral?

Well, it’s flippin’ exciting. We’re heading to Christchurch to set up a bricks and mortar flower shop.

Being an online florist with a side in weddings and events has been great, but there’s nothing like people coming in and seeing the flowers first hand.

It will mean more face to face consultations with brides (which is the best thing) and finding a whole new audience for my flowers.The opening will coincide with a move South in April and welcoming the new opportunities that come with it. We can’t wait to show you our space!

We’ll still be flowering Auckland weddings, but Christchurch is a new chapter for us and I’m ready for it!

You can find A Little Bit Floral on our Wild Hearts Vendor Collection HERE. Browse Charlotte’s preserved florals and wedding services online at

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