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Bridal Beauty with Kasia Stanicich & Blac Cosmetics

We are so excited to introduce our new guest beauty blogger Kasia Stanicich– an incredible makeup artist and all-round online creative gal! We had Kasia set-up a mini make-up studio in our Wild Hearts office to try out five products from the beautiful Blac Cosmetics range- an amazing NZ based vegan and cruelty-free makeup brand. Read more below to see what products Kasia is loving and the gorgeous makeup look she created for beautiful Bre.


Firstly we would love to know a little about you, what you do and how did you get into the beauty game?

Well! I actually fell into this crazy world by accident- I was killing time before heading down south to study and decided to study at Kristen Stewart School of Makeup. Long story short, I fell in love with the job and I haven’t looked back yet! My day-to-day job now doesn’t really have a ‘title’ as such…. I’m a Makeup Artist, Content Creator, Blogger, Social Media Consultant and as much as I hate the word.. a bit of an ‘influencer’ on Instagram every now ‘n’ then! I was super lucky to be able to leave my full-time retail job in December, and while life is now SUPER busy, I get to do what I love and I’ll never say no to that!


We are excited to have you on board as our guest beauty blogger for Wild Hearts, tell us a little about the products you have been trying this month?

I’m excited too!! Well, courtesy of Wild Hearts, I’ve been trying out 5 products from the Blac Cosmetics line! Blac is cruelty-free and vegan, and an NZ based company which I’m STOKED about. I’m a real critic when it comes to new products, and I’ll generally try them for about 2 weeks before forming an opinion- but some products I just fall head over heels for!


What was your favourite and why?

I’m going to have to say the foundation was my top pick! Especially for personal use, the concept behind it is genius- it’s a medium/full coverage foundation with a demi-matte finish, but the science behind it means it has a colour changing formula. It’s all very ‘clever’ behind the scenes, but essentially once you apply it, it shifts tone and depth to suit your current skin tone. I wish I’d known about it in summer when my tan comes and goes!


Tell us about the bridal look that you created using Blac Cosmetics?

There’s this amazing trend flowing through NZ right now that’s just about enhancing what you’ve got- natural beauty! I love a good glowy base, so I spent a lot of time preparing Bre’s skin before applying the foundation. With the Blac Organic foundation, the finish isn’t too matte, which is perfect, so I just powdered in oilier areas and then added the Blac Golden Glow highlight to all of the high points of her face (cheekbones, nose, top lip and brow bone).

Her eyes are a soft blended smokey eye, using neutral brown tones for the crease and outer corner. To add a little ‘pop’, I packed some of the Blac Eye Dust in Champagne through her inner corner and on her lid then coated the lashes with mascara.

Her brows are soft and fluffy, groomed with the Blac Brow Gel and a medium brown powder eyeshadow.

For Bre’s lips, I softly lined them with a neutral lip liner, focusing in particular on her Cupid’s bow and outer corners. Then to top it off I applied the Blac lip slick in ‘Latte’ which is a beautiful nude lip colour.


What beauty advice would you give brides-to-be leading up to the wedding day?

PREP! I’m a huge advocate for skin prep because the makeup is only as good as the base you apply it to. Keep up the fluids, get into a regular skin care routine and treat yourself to a series of facials to remove dead skin and renew your cells. Also, make sure you choose your makeup artist carefully- a makeup trial is a MUST to make sure you and your MUA will have you looking the best (& feeling the best) on your big day.


Makeup Artist: Kasia Stanicich
Products: Blac Cosmetics
Photography: Under The Wild Stars

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