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Clean and seemingly effortless hair styling with Cara Clyne Hair….

Cara Clyne’s work is uncomplicated, clean and seemingly effortless, her looks are inspired by relaxed hairstyling, all quintessential to inspiring her brides to be the best version of themselves on their wedding day. Talented with a masterful eye, Cara’s considered and contemporary approach to hair takes all the stress out of finding an experienced and professional stylist. We speak to Cara about how she became involved in hair styling for brides both locally and abroad…

Tell us a bit about Cara Clyne Hair?
After completing my nursing studies, I quickly realized it wasn’t the right fit for me. The creative urge within me led me to explore hairdressing. I fell in love with the art and started my journey in a hair salon. However, the structured work environment and fixed schedules didn’t resonate with me. In 2017, I took a leap of faith and founded Cara Clyne Bridal. It was an exciting beginning, filled with a thirst for knowledge. I soaked up everything I could, attending classes from industry experts I admired. Within six months, I achieved my first five-figure month. Subsequently, I began teaching bridal hair in 2018 due to numerous requests. In 2020, I launched Hair Boss University, a platform that has positively impacted hundreds of lives. It was also the year where I had hit multiple 6 figures which I never thought was possible as a hairstylist. I currently split my time between Christchurch, NZ, and Sydney, where I have the privilege of being a part of my brides’ special days. I’m incredibly grateful to have found a career that I’m deeply passionate about.

What inspires you?
My primary source of inspiration is helping people. Whether it’s my brides on their wedding day or hairstylists seeking to enhance their skills and confidence, I’m committed to empowering them to create a prosperous livelihood. My greatest aspiration is that my contributions will have a lasting, positive impact for generations to come.

What advice would you give brides-to-be leading up to the wedding day?
Absolutely, here are some tips for brides-to-be:

1. Avoid the stress of scheduling hair and makeup. It’s our job to coordinate the timing for you. Instead, focus on knowing when your photographer wants you ready, and we’ll handle the rest. Have your entire bridal party ready from the start, and we’ll work through each person, alternating between makeup and hair. Trust us to keep everything running smoothly.

2. Set aside at least one week before the wedding. The last week before the big day is filled with various tasks that can’t be completed earlier. Use this time for some personal pampering, attending to last-minute details like picking up your dress or making venue arrangements. This week can get chaotic, so taking a break is a wise choice.

3. Embrace the moment. Understand that once everything is set, it’s time to enjoy. Don’t worry if you’re running a little behind schedule on the day of your wedding. I’ve worked with countless brides, and very few have left for their ceremony on time. There are many moving parts to a wedding, and a slight delay is quite common. Your happiness is what truly matters, and everyone is there to celebrate your joy. So, stay happy and stress-free!

What bridal trends are you expecting to see this season?
The upcoming season is likely to embrace soft middle-part glam waves and modern Hollywood waves with a natural flow. These waves are larger and more flexible than the traditional styles. Updos and ponytails will remain popular choices for bridesmaids.

Should brides try a few different looks?
Absolutely, a growing trend is for brides to have multiple looks on their wedding day. Many opt for two styles—one for the morning and another for the reception. Some even choose to have a third look for a tea ceremony. Multiple looks provide flexibility and variety for your special day.

How far out from the big day should brides book their hair and makeup services?
Booking your hair and makeup services well in advance is crucial. It’s advisable to secure your artist at least a year ahead of your wedding day. If you’re considering a highly sought-after artist, consider booking up to 1.5 years in advance. For those with more flexibility, six months in advance is typically sufficient.

What are some major career highlights you’ve experienced so far?
One significant achievement was the creation of my online course while on maternity leave. This endeavor proved to be a challenging yet rewarding experience. Despite my initial reservations about online education, I wanted to offer a course that provided the experience of a one-on-one lesson. Since 2020, my online program has impacted over 500 students. Many have gone on to achieve their goals of earning six figures, becoming highly sought-after professionals, and even educating others in-person or through their online courses. Witnessing the success of hairstylists I’ve had the privilege to mentor has been a major highlight of my career.

What trends are you noticing in bridal hairstyles?
Softer hairstyles have been a notable trend, featuring soft yet glamorous waves, modern twists on the classic French twist à la Kim Kardashian, and sleek high buns with a middle part. Celebrities continue to influence the ever-evolving landscape of wedding trends.

What’s next for you in 2023 and beyond?
I recently returned from Los Angeles, where I conducted a two-day masterclass. For the remainder of the year, my focus will be on creating new content to support my online students in the realms of business growth, marketing, and hairstyling. I’ve also ventured into the world of YouTube and plan to consistently share my knowledge on that platform starting next year. Additionally, I’m considering another in-person class for 2023, likely in Canada or the United States. It’s an exciting journey ahead!

For more visit Cara Clyne Hair on the Wild Hearts Vendor Collection here

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