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ZOE & STEVE – Photographed by Chasewild

It’s been 11 years since Zoe & Steve laid eyes on each other for the first time in Windy Wellington. Having spent years abroad and getting engaged in Santorini it was time to come back to Zoe’s hometown, Wine Country Hawke’s bay.  Wanting a casual and relaxed vibe for their big day they chose Millar Road with the rolling hills and ocean views as their back drop which was beautifully captured by James from Chasewild. This bohemian and vintage inspired reception was helped created by Louisiana Lucy and was a perfect fit for two creatives and their 70 guests. Zoe with her natural blooms and Alice McCall dress fit right into the picturesque surroundings.  

“I believe life is the pursuit of happiness, and I am fortunate enough to have found it.”

Wild Hearts_ZoeandSteve_Chasewild_0003.jpg
Wild Hearts_ZoeandSteve_Chasewild_0004.jpgWild Hearts_ZoeandSteve_Chasewild_0002.jpg
Wild Hearts_ZoeandSteve_Chasewild_0005.jpg
Wild Hearts_ZoeandSteve_Chasewild_0006.jpg
Wild Hearts_ZoeandSteve_Chasewild_0007.jpg
Wild Hearts_ZoeandSteve_Chasewild_0008.jpg
Wild Hearts_ZoeandSteve_Chasewild_0009.jpg
Wild Hearts_ZoeandSteve_Chasewild_0001.jpgWild Hearts_ZoeandSteve_Chasewild_0010.jpg
Wild Hearts_ZoeandSteve_Chasewild_0011.jpg
Wild Hearts_ZoeandSteve_Chasewild_0012.jpg
Wild Hearts_ZoeandSteve_Chasewild_0013.jpg
Wild Hearts_ZoeandSteve_Chasewild_0014.jpg
Wild Hearts_ZoeandSteve_Chasewild_0015.jpg
Wild Hearts_ZoeandSteve_Chasewild_0020.jpgWild Hearts_ZoeandSteve_Chasewild_0016.jpgWild Hearts_ZoeandSteve_Chasewild_0017.jpg
Wild Hearts_ZoeandSteve_Chasewild.jpgWild Hearts_ZoeandSteve_Chasewild_0018.jpgWild Hearts_ZoeandSteve_Chasewild_0028.jpgWild Hearts_ZoeandSteve_Chasewild_0027.jpgWild Hearts_ZoeandSteve_Chasewild_0026.jpg
Wild Hearts_ZoeandSteve_Chasewild_0022.jpg
Wild Hearts_ZoeandSteve_Chasewild_0024.jpgWild Hearts_ZoeandSteve_Chasewild_0025.jpgWild Hearts_ZoeandSteve_Chasewild_0029.jpgWild Hearts_ZoeandSteve_Chasewild_0030.jpgWild Hearts_ZoeandSteve_Chasewild_0032.jpgWild Hearts_ZoeandSteve_Chasewild_0033.jpgWild Hearts_ZoeandSteve_Chasewild_0034.jpg

The proposal…
On our second night in Santorini, we watched the famous Santorini sunset with cans of cheap beer. When we went back to the house Steve had set the balcony with candles and my favourite songs from when we first met.
He’d hired a typewriter and had typed a proposal onto beautiful textured paper – a short sentence on each sheet, ending with ‘Marry Me?’ Of course I said yes!
We found my ring together in a vintage jewellery shop in the winding lanes in Brighton, UK- a 1920’s vintage Art Deco diamond ring.

The wedding style…
We wanted our wedding day to be very chilled out and fun for our guests so went for a mix of a few ideas – we loved the eclectic vintage look of greenery, natural wood and bohemian patterned rugs but also incorporated a retro summer festival mood – our programs were all 45 RPM records selected by us. We had a glitter booth for guests to get sparkly and we served locally made wood-fired pizzas!

What marriage is to us…
A snippet from the end of Steve’s grooms speech basically sums it up, everyone cried!
And now we’re here. Surrounded by beautiful people, in a beautiful place, making a promise to each other to be here tomorrow, the day after that, and all the days after that. And it makes me very happy.
In a world where the future feels more uncertain, I am certain that our love is stronger than people’s hate, and our open minds can prevail over the small.
You lift me with your laughter, inspire me with your talent, awe me with your courage, humble me with your kindness, and strengthen me with your resolve. I am a better person when I’m with you, you are the love of my life, and my best friend.


Photographer: Chasewild

Bride: Alice McCall

Veil: Anthropologie UK

Shoes: ASOS

Groom: Ben Sherman

Rings: Brighton UK

Make Up Artist: Josie Brenstrum

Hair Stylist: Debbie Pearce

Styling and Flora: The Bride

Furniture Hire: Louisiana Lucy  

Entertainment: Te Rangi Devine  

Bar: Darcy the Caravan

Venue: Millar Road  

Marquee: Marquees Over Hawkes Bay







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