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Wanderlust – New Zealand with Christina Macpherson

Christina Macpherson is a content creator, creative writer and born traveller having grown up in Samoa, Fiji, England and Australia before settling down with her Kiwi man. We caught up with the wanderlust duo about their adventures in their now homeland New Zealand. 

New Zealand was never on the list. I thought it was too close, too similar in language and in history – the culture too easy to slip into and become lazy with. But then I met a kiwi, fell hopelessly in love, and after two weeks I followed him to his homeland, and all my ideas and pre-conceived thoughts of the country instantly vanished. And now I live here – still in love with the man but also head over heels for this beautiful, rich, bountiful land.

We travel 8 months of the year for our work – always coming and going and finding it hard to concrete ourselves to our base. But at the beginning of 2019, we made time to immerse ourselves at home. We spent three weeks delving into the touristy and the not-so-touristy parts of the south; and we (both of us)fell more in love with Aotearoa. Exploring the land in which Tom grew and hearing his memories of the place; as well as meeting people and hearing their own memories, and making new ones ourselves, made me so proud to be here.

Exploring the foreign unknown creates an awareness of the world and of self in a rich and meaningful way. But exploring the foundations on which you, or your family began, that is a whole new feeling that everyone needs to experience.

I love you, New Zealand.

This stunning wedding is featured in our 2019 Wild Hearts Magazine – an annual journal for the wild & creative soul – full of inspiration and beauty. You can get your copy here.

Words & Photography: Christina Macpherson

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