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There is Light…

Warning, there will be tears… Our industry has been going through a pretty rough time right now. Right around the world weddings have been stopped, plans changed, postponed or cancelled. How do we move from these feelings of darkness, in these uncertain times and look for the light? Because there is light… 

For the vendors, your community is coming together and building strong relationships. We are getting through this and discovering new ways to connect and do business. For couples, know that marriage is built on strong foundations, love is resilient and through these times together your marriage will grow and your day will still be meaningful. Things, dates, money, jobs, these are all superficial in the big picture, what matter are those moments, those feelings, those beautiful memories shared with the one you will spend forever with.

The week before New Zealand went into official Level 4 Lockdown, our Wild Hearts Founder & Director Sam was in Queenstown shooting a dreamy collaboration, a soul fuelled, destination piece off the shores of Lake Wakatipu. In a luxe private hideaway, among the wild untamed grasses and set below the serene mountainscapes. Jacks Retreat, was the perfect escape from the outside world currently falling around us. It was an afternoon of doing what we love, creating those moments of pure magic, like poetry in the wild winds. Bound together by an unspoken knowingness of escapism and pure love. Remember, there is light…

Brought to you by: Wild Hearts | Photography: Dawn Thomson | Flora: The Vase Flora & Foliage | Styling: Samantha Gerard  |  Location: Jacks Retreat | Videography: Woven Images⁠ | Gowns: Flora Gown by Brooke Tyson Ritual + Ritual Gown by Karen Walker Atelier + Luna Gown by Brooke Tyson Ritual   Jewels: Zoe & Morgan  | Ribbons: Feathers & Stone | Hair & Makeup: Shannon Phillimore | Models: Libby Kay + Tom Jarrold ⁠ | Catering: Lavish Grazing Co | Drink: Seedlip + Veuve Clicquot |  Stationery: Smitten With Love  | Furniture: Jacks Retreat | Glassware + Plates: Colour Me Happy Weddings | Napkins: Tble. Linen

“Libby, there is a storm in your eyes, rocky seas from a thousand stormy nights. But also, there is light…

A warm wind, from a distant shore, so that’s where I head. Towards the light, that shines in your eyes, with gentle seas. I don’t know the meaning of life, but kissing you while drunk in the rain, came pretty damn close.”

“Tom, Love is throwing yourself into a stormy sea, hoping there are arms to catch you. Knowing that without, the leap there is only the safe and lonely shore.

We let our lives mix with our dreams like two coloured paints, until we didn’t know which is what and we didn’t care.”Vows inspired by ATTICUS Poetry

A huge thank you to Rebecca from Jacks Retreat, for hosting us for the afternoon this dreamy hideaway. The perfect destination for an intimate elopement with The Lovers Elopement Co, a romantic weekend away with your wild lover, honeymoon or night of the wedding. Located a short drive away from Queenstown, amongst the raw beauty of Jacks Point. Escape for a getaway under the starlit mountains.

Book your stay at Jacks Retreat here:

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