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Tatum + Jarrod || Picturesque Hawkes Bay Vineyard Wedding Captured by Hollow & Co.

Set amongst the vines and serene landscapes, Tatum + Jarrod were married at the picturesque vineyard of Craggy Range in New Zealand’s Hawkes Bay. An effortlessly elegant marquee wedding spilling with romance and sweet summer allure. Surrounded by their nearest and dearest, guests travelled from England, Ireland, Canada, Dubai and Australia to celebrate this destination love story. 

Long wooden tables filled with candles, divine food and wine, an array of white flowers and deep greens of the grapevines and lush gardens, evoking a refined yet fun and relaxed intimate summer setting from the ceremony through to the reception. 

Champagne celebrations and dancing continued on into the night as the sun set over the mountainscape of Te Mata Peak. 

There was a moment as the Sun was setting over Te Mata Peak, when Tatum & I were standing outside our Reception at Craggy Range getting photos taken, and began listening to the crowd inside who were singing, laughing and just enjoying each other’s company – this made it all totally worthwhile and was a real pinch yourself thrill for us.”

Effortlessly capturing every detail of this summer celebration was Wild Hearts favourite Hollow & Co

How did you meet and how long have you been together? 

Jarrod and his Friend Sam were on their way to Friday knock-off drinks in 2017, wearing Double Denim outfits, when Jarrod spotted a glamour across the street. A complete stranger wearing a cut-off denim skirt with legs to die for and a booty that won’t quit. This led Jarrod to nudge his mate asking “Hey check out denim Friday’s standing over there…how good!” Suddenly, the traffic light goes green, and they begin crossing the intersection heading directly towards each other. Jarrod’s friend then stops in the middle of the road, to introduce Jarrod and this mystery lady he was eyeing up, who actually turned out to be his Friends housemate, Tatum. Jarrod went a bright shade of pink and muffled something that sounded like “Nice day for it…good thanks and you?” Funnily enough, they were all heading to the same party that night at 524 Wilson Street in Sydney, where unsurprisingly Jarrod was wiped like a dirty bum after his sandpaper smooth first impression.

From there, Jarrod chipped away until the next opportunity came some 2 weeks later, this was Jarrod’s shot at redemption. On this occasion, he dressed appropriately in normal clothes and brought his ‘A Game’ to The Rocks in Sydney. He saw Tatum standing by the Bar at The Orient Hotel, asked her if she wanted a drink, and proceeded to buy 4 Vodka Lemon Lime & Bitters…surely double the drinks means double your chances, right?! It must have worked, they went out for a dance at the Live Band and shared their first kiss to Mr Brightside by The Killers. An absolute classic tune!

Jarrod slowly got a vibe that the tides were finally starting to turn, when after a few sleepovers, Tatum sent a text message with a winking Emoji saying “you left your phone charger at my house…maybe you should come back and pick it up some time?” Subtle as a sledgehammer! Things moved pretty quickly from there, Tatum & Jarrod were living together after 6 months, and it was clear for all to see this couple had the potential to be something very special. Tatum & Jarrod have now been together for 5.5 years and share a beautiful Dog named Archie.

How would you describe each other?

Tatum is caring, feisty, loyal, determined and has a strong work ethic.

Jarrod is kind, generous, patient, selfless and very cheeky.

We are total opposites but complement each other so perfectly.

Tell us a little bit about the proposal and your engagement?

After getting engaged during Covid in December 2020, borders were shut which meant that Jarrod planned a beautiful staycation in the heart of Sydney, Australia. He figured there was no better way to do it than in the City where they both met. Jarrod picked Tatum up from work with a bouquet of Flowers in hand, and they drove to a hotel where Jarrod had a list of Tatum’s favourite things lined up…taking her on a trip down memory lane – Cocktail Bars (scene of their first date), Restaurants, Massages, and the ultimate surprise packet which was a Helicopter Ride over Bondi Beach, Manly and The Sydney Harbour Bridge. From there, Jarrod enlisted the help of his two best mates to set up a Picnic Hamper with Champagne and a Cheese Platter, on a waterfront pier facing the Opera House. Given Tatum’s interesting background being born in South Africa, moving to New Zealand aged 10, and then finally meeting in Australia – Jarrod wanted to pay tribute to Tatum’s heritage and respect each of these languages during the proposal. With a little help from Google Translator, he crafted up some heartfelt words on paper and managed to spit them out in Afrikaans, Māori and English…much to the amusement of Tatum with some very clunky pronunciation! Afterwards, they celebrated over a Long Lunch and spent the night FaceTiming their nearest and dearest to share this super exciting news.

Tell us about your wedding style. What influenced your planning for the day?

Our Wedding style was elegant with neutral colours and traditional flair. Planning for the day revolved around creating an environment focusing on fun, good music, laughter and a whole lot of love. We had guests travelling from England, Ireland, Canada, Dubai and Australia – which was super special as some people had spent over 24 hours plus getting there!

Why did you choose your destination?

We chose Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand, because we both love our Wines and delicious Food, have lots of Family based in the North Island of NZ, and it was a quiet location with friendly people and amazing hospitality. It turned out to be a no brainer and the best decision we’ve ever made. Hawke’s Bay is definitely a place we will look back on with incredible memories and can’t wait to visit again soon for Anniversary trips!

What was your favourite detail from the day?

Our favourite detail from the day was the Marquee being set up in the Vineyards. It felt extremely romantic, was designed to absolute perfection by the vendors, and provided a gorgeous backdrop for our guests to celebrate and party with us.

What does marriage mean to you?

For us, Marriage is a lifelong commitment of devotion, selflessness, loyalty and supporting one another through the good times and the bad. Challenging each other to grow, take risks, and raise a Family together is our ultimate goal for the future.

What was your favourite moment from the day?

There was a moment as the Sun was setting over Te Mata Peak, when Tatum & I were standing outside our Reception at Craggy Range getting photos taken, and began listening to the crowd inside who were singing, laughing and just enjoying each other’s company – this made it all totally worthwhile and was a real pinch yourself thrill for us.

Advice for other couples planning a wedding?

Expect the unexpected and learn to embrace that things will happen outside of your control on the day, so there is no point worrying about it. Trust all your vendors, and mostly be organised. With so much planning that goes on behind the scenes for a long period of time, it’s surreal how quickly a Wedding Day goes by, so ensure that you soak up every precious moment and remember that everyone is there to celebrate you. Hands down it was the best day of our lives and such an unforgettable experience.


Photographer: Hollow & Co. | Venue: Craggy Range| Florist: Botanical Lane | Styling: Miss Frou Frou | Cake: Pretty Little Details Co | Brides Dress: Eva Lendel from Natalie Rose Bridal | Veil: Fritz & Sarah |  Makeup: NJ Makeup Artistry | Hair: White Fox Bridal | Bridesmaids: ASOS | Grooms Suit: MJ Bale | Grooms Shoes: RM Williams | Rings: Parade Jewellers Sydney | Catering: Craggy Range | Marquee & Furniture: Flagship Events | Signage: Simple Statement | Celebrant: Linda Hartstonge

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