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Soulful Wedding Captures with The Sparkes Photography Co.

With imagery seeping with intimacy – Jenna and Reece from The Sparkes Photography Co. capture frames that portray quiet, passionate moments and capture the rawest of moments. Steered by authenticity, the approach is non-invasive and relaxed, allowing couples to fully be in the moment. This down-to-earth, open approach allows an ease to flow throughout the day, resulting in images that spill with emotion and intimate beauty.

We speak to the team about their ability to capture the most magic of frames….

How did you fall into photography/videography?

In the initial stages of our relationship, Reece generously shared valuable insights into utilizing focal points on the camera, drawing from his childhood aspirations of becoming a director. His profound understanding of camera techniques served as a foundation for my burgeoning interest in photography. Subsequently, during the challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic, I dedicated myself to an in-depth study of photography, further honing my skills.

Upon returning to New Zealand in 2021, I recognized the opportunity to synergize my passion for photography with my proficiency in organization and customer service. This led to the establishment of our own photography business, a venture I embarked upon in collaboration with Reece. Together, we seamlessly blend artistic vision with operational excellence to deliver exceptional photographic services.

Any favourite destinations or venues to shoot at?

Reece and I share a profound passion for travel, often seeking adventures beyond the confines of Christchurch. A standout experience for us is the joy of capturing the essence of couples’ love beneath the starlit skies of Lake Tekapo. 

Among our favorite local venues, The Ilex and Bangor Farm hold a special place in our hearts. These exquisite locations not only serve as picturesque settings for our photography but also embody the unique charm and character that we aim to capture in every frame.

Any advice for those on the fence about hiring a videographer?

Videography offers a distinctive perspective on your wedding day, providing a narrative that complements the snapshots captured through photography. While photography beautifully freezes moments and emotions, videography goes a step further by setting the scene and offering a comprehensive overview of the day’s ambiance. 

What sets Reece apart is his commitment to going beyond the role of a typical videographer. He not only skillfully captures the day’s events but also offers invaluable support to ensure your celebration runs smoothly. From keeping the bridal party hydrated to expertly tying groomsmen’s ties, Reece brings an extra layer of care and assistance, ensuring every detail contributes to the seamless and joyful flow of your wedding day. His dedication extends beyond the lens, making your experience both visually stunning and stress-free.

Any advice for couples that are nervous in front of the lens?

Both Reece and I pride ourselves on adopting a non-invasive approach to posing. Our philosophy is rooted in providing gentle prompts that allow you to naturally express yourselves, creating moments that feel authentic and unforced. Our aim is to guide you through the process in a way that lets you forget about everyone else around you, enabling genuine emotions and connections to shine through. With this approach, we strive to capture the true essence of your moments, ensuring that the memories we create together are both timeless and reflective of your unique story.

Describe your style of shooting in three words?

Elegant, Timeless, Candid

What is your most popular package?

The eight-hour package stands out as our most popular choice, comprehensively covering every significant aspect of your day. From the anticipation of getting ready to the magical moments of the first dance, this package ensures a thorough and enchanting documentation of your entire wedding celebration.

How early do couples need to book for your services?

Our standard booking window extends to 1.5 years in advance, allowing ample time for meticulous planning. However, we understand that circumstances vary, and we are committed to accommodating clients with shorter wedding timelines. Flexibility and personalized support are paramount to us, ensuring that we can meet the unique needs of every couple, regardless of their planning timeframe.

We are currently accepting bookings for the 2024/25 season, providing couples the opportunity to secure our services well in advance and plan their special day with confidence.

Your favourite moment to capture?

Our favorite moment of any wedding is undoubtedly the golden hour. It’s a magical time when newlyweds have the opportunity to bask in a serene and intimate atmosphere bathed in beautiful, soft lighting. We passionately encourage that this precious golden hour takes priority in the wedding timeline, allowing couples to create timeless and romantic memories in the most enchanting natural setting. Embracing this moment ensures that your wedding day is not only visually stunning but also filled with the warmth and intimacy that golden hour uniquely provides.

Is there an aspect of wedding photography that you find consistently challenging?

The most challenging part of our day often centers around the hair and makeup phase. This crucial aspect is commonly underestimated, and its intricacies can occasionally extend the timeline, potentially adding stress to the bride’s day. Recognizing the significance of this process, we diligently strive to communicate any necessary time adjustments effectively. Our commitment is to alleviate stress and ensure a seamless experience for our couples, allowing them to fully enjoy and embrace every moment of their special day.

What really gets to you at weddings? Makes you emotional? Makes you laugh?

I revel in experiencing the genuine love emanating from family and friends during weddings. Immersed in the emotional journey, I keenly feel the sentiments woven into vows and speeches. On the flip side, Reece is particularly drawn to the celebratory atmosphere and the lively party aspect of wedding days. Together, our appreciation spans the entire spectrum of wedding experiences, allowing us to cherish and capture the diverse emotions that make each celebration unique.

What’s your favourite moment during a photoshoot? Which moments are you looking for on a wedding day?

We take immense joy in capturing elements that hold significance to the couple’s love story and cultural background. This approach infuses each wedding with a distinctive and personal touch, making every celebration exceptionally unique. 

Do you do destination weddings or do you more target the local ones?

While our experience with destination weddings has primarily centered around the South Island, our passion for travel fuels our desire to capture love stories in breathtaking locations worldwide. The prospect of documenting weddings in places like Iceland, Scotland, Hawai’i, and Greece is a dream we eagerly anticipate fulfilling. Each of these destinations holds a unique allure, and we are excited about the opportunity to weave the magic of love into the stunning landscapes and cultural tapestries they offer.

What are a few pieces of advice you like to offer couples to get the most from the photography on their wedding day?

If you haven’t enlisted a wedding planner and find yourself navigating the intricacies of a wedding timeline, don’t worry. Many couples haven’t had extensive experience in this realm, and that’s completely okay. We’re here to offer our support and guidance in crafting an ideal timeline tailored to maximize the joy of your special day. Our aim is to help you make the most of every moment without the stress of a tightly pressed schedule. Feel free to lean on us for advice and assistance as you curate a timeline that reflects your vision and allows you to savor each precious moment.

For more visit The Sparkes Photography Co. over on the Wild Hearts Vendor Collection here

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