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Skin Elevation + Brow Recovery with Wedding Makeup Artist Kirsten Blee \\ Amplified Cosmetica

Skin and makeup is one of the many parts to making us feel beautiful on our wedding day. Kirsten Blee from Amplified Cosmetica gave us the inside scoop on all things skin prep for your wedding day. We speak about SPF, hydration from within and she even gives us a big no no about classic misconceptions around caring for our skin. Kirsten shares how she found makeup artistry as a young passionate dancer and transformed this spark into a career she absolutely loves. Now expanding her business into brow restoration and up and coming workshops, we think you’ll love our chat with the lovely founder of Amplified Cosmetica. Read on to hear her favourite products and how you can benefit from her services NZ wide…

Firstly we would love to hear all about how you found a passion for makeup artistry and how Amplified Cosmetica came to be?

I grew up competing in Ballet competitions, so from about 8 years old, my mum and I had so much fun creating my first ever ‘makeup kit’ for competitions. I was that girl that went to school with winged eyeliner and formal with a full smokey eye and red lip. I barely looked outside of the beauty industry when it came to leaving school – I knew what lit a fire in me.

During you time in training and exploring the wonderful world of makeup, was there a moment where you knew you would like to work in the beautiful wedding industry?

 I had my little eureka moment when I was doing my friends Bridal makeup when I was 21. It was so special to be asked to look after her for her special day. I was ridiculously nervous (she was a makeup artist too!) but the adrenaline rush afterwards was next level. I still get that after every bridal party and have a wee happy squeal with each new bridal that books in!

In regards to the month or so leading up to the wedding, what can you recommend for skin prep?

Biggest piece of advice – DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING. If you haven’t been able to go to a skin specialist for prescribed care, keep your routine the same. Introducing anything new in the final 6 weeks leading up to your wedding can lead to excess breakouts (we’ve already got high stress levels contributing to this too!), be SUPER vigilant with your SPF (face and body, tan lines!!), water intake high (2+ litres daily) and always cleanse and moisturise before bed!

What would you say to brides who are not used to wearing makeup? Is there a favourite look you think is best suited for our natural skin brides?

Skin finish is 110% my favourite look. Bridal trials are my non negotiable for this reason! Remembering that what you see online, isn’t nesesarily reality. Skin has texture and every face shape, eye shape, colour palette is different! Airburshed images give you a false sense of reality. For my natural brides, my go to advice is creating a glowing base, soft eye with fluffy lashes to open your eyes and translate in photography well!

How much time on a wedding day do brides need to allow for say a bridal party of 4?

 I like to allow more time than I need so that if the bride gets called away to do something or needs a bubbles topup! Usually about 3 and a half hours for a group of 4. Full skin prep and chill vibes is my assignment.

Can brides do multiple trials with you and if so do you usually charge for this?

 100%! My goal is for you to feel your best and have the look that finishes everything off! It is an extra cost to do this, and not always required depending on what needs to be tweaked from the first trial.

Here at Wild Hearts, we love beautiful glowy skin is there any advice you have to making this last the duration of a wedding without becoming greasy looking?

 Healthy skin is always in! Glowing skin finish is a staple at AC so my best advice is to concentrate on your true base, your skin! Makeup can only go so far, a healthy skin will shine through. Also, blotting papers are a life saver too!

What is your favourite makeup trend currently?

100% fluffy brows and a matte smoked eye for brides, such a smouldering combo!

Now…brows are such a hot topic in makeup and change before we can even get the new shape right. What is the current brow trend?

Full and fluffy is the go, and 100% my favourite to create. I don’t like to base how I do a clients brows on a trend (for their regular appointments) but for event makeup I am LOVING loading the brows with brow soap and fluffing them up!

Talking about brows, you work in brow restoration.. Could you please share with us what this means and how it could benefit our brides-to-be?

I sure do! I love rebuilding your brows to their best shape possible. So many of us fall down the trap of home treatments, and let’s be honest, it can really backfire! Regrowing brows takes time so regular brow appointments combined with my go to Revitabrow helps bring the fullness back! For anyone looking to restore their brows, DO NOT TOUCH THEM for a solid 2-3 months before visiting your go to Brow Specialist so there is more to work with!

What are your thoughts on cosmetic tattooing?

There are such talented Cosmetic tattooists I admire and follow, their skills are next level! I have referred clients onto them when brow hair in particular doesn’t want to grow back! An amazing option for those who have health issues preventing hair growth too.

What are your 8 favourite products to use on brides?

Oooooo this is a goodie, does skincare count? Haha here are my favourites my kit cannot live without: Quoi Texture Retexturising Primer / Blac Cosmetics Undereye Brightener / O Cosmedics 1Skin Luminising Drops / Blade Brow Soap / Lily Lolo Flawless Silk Setting Powder / RMS Living Luminizer / Kosas Concealer / Revitalash Duo Mascara

What is your usual process for a new bride? How can they contact you, where can they view your work and how do things move forward after the booking stage?

I work as a skin and brow specialist Monday – Friday, so emails are my best friend! Emailing with date, location and party numbers and send back your quote! I love to have everything explained so each quote has alot of details so you know exactly what you’re in for and what special little things that are included when you book with Amplified Cosmetica!

Can brides book with you even if they are based somewhere else in NZ?

 Absolutely! I love to travel for Bridal parties and exploring!

Do you have any advice or things you wish you knew that you can share with young or new makeup artists looking to advance their careers into the wedding industry?

You are not for everybody, and that’s fine! Just because you aren’t booked when someone else is or a Bride goes with someone else, isn’t a reflection on you or your work. Not everyone vibes and there is nothing wrong with that. Don’t reshape yourself to fit everyone elses boxes.

What’s next for Amplified Cosmetica?

Oooohh there are some cool things in the pipeline if I can focus haha I have Makeup Workshops in the works, along with our first line of much asked for merch run! There may or may not be some new brands joining the studio too. Time will tell..

So there you have it, the key points around how to care for your skin amongst the stress and feel glamorous in all your wedding pics. Book in with Amplified Cosmetica HERE.

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