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Radikal Neon // Lighting Up Your Wedding Day

Radikal Neon has been flaring up the LED neon sign scene of late, and with the amount of work they put into perfecting client’s designs, we can see why. Adding a splash of colour, light and nostalgia to your events is Radikal’s moda operandi and they’re here to put the party in your event decor.

With a carefully curated team of designers and makers, they’re committed to delivering a kick ass LED neon sign that you’ll love, long after your event. With a range of design options from one of their much loved pre-designed classics, through to full custom, and hire (sometimes it’s too hard to choose, right?), the team will ensure that you end up with a design and sign that will have your event ablaze.

Aside from countless weddings and events, Radikal has an impressive array of high end retailers on their books and the more you look, the more you’re bound to see them lighting up New Zealand.

We talk to Radikal’s Creative Director and Founder, Tom, about how Radikal was born, the work they’re doing and some of their big jobs that really ignite their passion.

Give us a classic, ‘First Day of School’ introduction of yourselves!

Hi, my name’s Radikal Neon. My favourite colour is pink and my hobbies include staring at lights.

You might also know me as Tom, the creative director and founder of Radikal Neon – we help light up your life and/or wedding day (!!!) with our LED lights – whatever your heart desires, we’re here to make it happen! Not 100% sure on what you’re after and what you’d like for your special day? We have a large variety of our most popular LED neons available for hire too! We’d here to help you light up your special day, however you need!

Tell us a bit about Radikal Neon & Hire Neon? How did the businesses begin?

We’re a business that focuses on the design and production of Custom LED Neon signage, for any situation you can imagine – we light it up! The business basically began out of a real love of decorating spaces using LED stripping. Our founder, Tom first started playing around with LED lighting while flatting and studying design in Wellington. Through decorating dark and bland wellington flats, we found the varying colours could totally change the vibe to a space. We had no idea that would lead to the business Radikal is today, but here we are! Ready to light up your home and more importantly, your wedding day!

What are some things you have had to overcome during your time in business?

We’re always challenged in some way! Whether it’s internally or externally, the team are real suckers for pain – unsure if that’s good or bad! But I think one of the toughest barriers we’ve had to overcome – besides COVID – was hiring a team right for the brand. Finding that balance of skilled individuals that fit in is no easy feat but so rewarding when it all comes together and we’re stoked to have found staff who are as passionate about the brand and the product as we are.

What’s the most epic signage you have created?

Of course there’s a million projects that have had the team going crazy over the years, but a personal favourite was the huge Mickey Mouse heads that featured in Newmarket’s Karen Walker store as part of their collaboration with Disney. The blood, sweat and tears we put into that artwork were worth every minute of satisfaction seeing the project shining down Nuffield street. Plus, everyone loves Minnie Mouse!

What sets you apart from other brands and businesses in the same category?

We’re a team of focused professionals with the relevant qualifications to create the brilliant work we do. Many of our competitors don’t even have qualified designers on their teams – you can’t expect to build a brand and create an experience when you don’t value the core principle of the product, you’re creating art. If a business fails to realise what they’re truly selling, things are bound to go wrong.

Tell us about the process from start to finish for creating some signage for an event?

We listen to the clients’ needs in terms of impact, environment and overall style of the event. Then, alongside them we’ll create something that we think will do that event (wedding, couple, brand etc) the justice it deserves. Final approval and production only goes ahead once the client is 100% happy!

What do you offer within your ‘Hire Neon’ range?

We offer a range of signs for pretty much any event you can imagine. From weddings and engagements parties, to 21sts, birthdays, baby showers; any sort of celebration! Each is unique in it’s own way and built specifically to add a unique touch to an event, the final touch that ensures the guests won’t forget your big event anytime soon!

What trends do you see coming for this season in terms of signage and doing something ‘different’ for weddings and events?

Wedding trends are always the most fun! A lot of couples are after something classic that they would love to put in their home later. Initial lights are elegant and something they’ll keep after the big day. Surname statement lights like ‘The Smiths’ for example – another classic and timeless piece. Recently however we’ve seen couples go bigger in terms of impact, with many looking for larger signs that work brilliantly as photo memory walls, and make for some impressive Instagram shots. Some of these signs are quirky sayings, or well wishing messages for the future. We thoroughly enjoy working on those as it lets the creative team go nuts to create something unique and absolutely stunning.

Best advice you have ever received about being a business person/artist?

No one will ever love your business as much as you do! But if you find people that like it even half as much as you do, you’re onto a winner.

We are excited to have Radikal Neon as part of our Wild Hearts Vendor Collection. Check out more of their knock out neon signs here, and to get in touch, head over to their website.

You can follow Radikal Neon on Instagram at @radikalneon and on Facebook.

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