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Meadowlark ‘Ceremonial’ Collection

We at Wild Hearts are head over heels for the latest offering from Meadowlark. Launching today, the latest stunning range “CEREMONIAL” is presented with the brands signature elegance, and is a collection designed on an ethos of individuality.

Customisation, stackability, comfort and a range of sizes and price points are key concepts in ensuring the range is accessible and meaningful to any love story. Design and craft are at the forefront of each piece which is made to order in Meadowlark’s Auckland Atelier. We’re in love with the sapphire and pale blush tones against the glittering diamonds and luxe gold, in the most beautiful range of cuts and designs.

Meadowlark_ Ceremonial_2018_Wild_Hearts_1419.jpg
Meadowlark_ Ceremonial_2018_Wild_Hearts_1418.jpg
Meadowlark_ Ceremonial_2018_Wild_Hearts_1417.jpg
Meadowlark_ Ceremonial_2018_Wild_Hearts_1414.jpg

Whether solemnizing a special occasion, symbolizing something powerful, or expressing commitment — to a lover or to yourself — CEREMONIAL is an elegant and distinguished range of jewellery, with an evergreen appeal. CEREMONIAL presents 19 new ring styles, guided in equal measures by design ethos, and an open minded approach to what defines love (and how we choose to wear it).

Meadowlark_ Ceremonial_2018_Wild_Hearts_1424.jpgMeadowlark_ Ceremonial_2018_Wild_Hearts_1415.jpg
Meadowlark_ Ceremonial_2018_Wild_Hearts_1413.jpg

This new offering from Meadowlark is antithetical to a bygone set of rules: who, what, and how something can be worn. Instead, a fundamental respect for the beholder’s individual needs and identities is kept at the forefront of the design and craft process. Careful attention has been paid to ensure that the rings are comfortable, customisable and available in a wide range of sizes and price-points. Five years after the brand’s first CEREMONIAL iteration the focus remains on providing an ever evolving selection of jewellery that befits unique expressions of love.

Meadowlark_ Ceremonial_2018_Wild_Hearts_1416.jpg
Meadowlark_ Ceremonial_2018_Wild_Hearts_1412.jpg

Designers Claire Hammon & Greg Fromont first released a selection of ceremonial rings in 2013, however it started somewhere personal. The duo had just made their own wedding rings together, and relished in the experience of perfecting something on a small and intimate scale. “As artists, we value freedom of self-expression, creative exploration and inclusivity,” says co-designer Claire Hammon. “We’re not about following traditions or rules. Everyone is different. We love hearing our customers’ stories, and helping to transform their desires into something personal and meaningful.”

Meadowlark_ Ceremonial_2018_Wild_Hearts_1420.jpg
Meadowlark_ Ceremonial_2018_Wild_Hearts_1421.jpg
Meadowlark_ Ceremonial_2018_Wild_Hearts_1422.jpg
Meadowlark_ Ceremonial_2018_Wild_Hearts_1423.jpg
Meadowlark_ Ceremonial_2018_Wild_Hearts_1425.jpg
Meadowlark_ Ceremonial_2018_Wild_Hearts_1426.jpg
Meadowlark_ Ceremonial_2018_Wild_Hearts_1427.jpg

CEREMONIAL is a collection grounded in tradition, with a modern set of values. All CEREMONIAL pieces are made to order in Meadowlark’s Auckland atelier and are available in 9ct, 14ct, 18ct gold & platinum, with the ability to be further customised. Available worldwide from June 20th 2018.

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