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Jordan Rondel – The Caker 2017 Industry Panel

Our 2017 Wild Hearts Industry Panel, hosted by Greta Kenyon of Together Journal at our Wild Hearts Auckland event, featured a collection of incredible industry leaders.

Over the next few weeks we will be bringing you a behind the scenes interviews with each of these amazing New Zealand entrepreneurs currently shaking things up in the industry.

THE WILD ONES – 2017 Industry Panel Addition

Jordan Rondel- The Caker

Trendsetters. Game Changers. New Zealand Industry Leaders. We speak to entrepreneurs who are leading the way and inspiring hearts around the globe.

Jordan Rondel, the founder of The Caker began her love for sweet treats in her Grandparent’s little pâtisserie in Paris. While watching them use only the best ingredients and how uncompromising they were with what they created and ate, it has clearly paved the way and inspired her to be the incredible baker she is today.

With two sell-out cookbooks under her belt, a range of high end cake mixes, a mass following and collabs with some of the coolest trendsetters in New Zealand, Jordan has completely raised the bar in the baking industry. Jordan’s passion for wholesome cakes and dedication to experimenting and perfecting her recipes with only the best quality ingredients, is clear in everything she creates.

We were so lucky to have Jordan as part of our Industry panel at our Wild Hearts Auckland 2017 and we look forward to having her back in 2018.

“I see cakes as an edible expression of love. They can sometimes say what words can’t.” – Jordan Rondel

Together journal,

What first inspired the thought to head in a more ‘wholesome’ direction with your ingredients and recipes?

My French grandparents who are incredible home cooks first taught me the importance of cooking and baking with the best quality, wholesome ingredients. I would go to the markets with them and watch as they carefully selected the freshest produce, and this notion has resonated into my baking today. I strongly believe that using ingredients like fresh fruit, ground almonds, spelt flour and the finest quality dark chocolate lead to a more wholesome and more delicious cake.


If you could go back and tell yourself anything during your first year of business, what would it be?

I think I would tell myself to get help and hire staff sooner that I did. Although in saying this, perhaps it was an important part of this journey that I slaved away by myself for a long time, maybe that’s part of why it’s a success today!

Which of your cake mixes is your absolute go to?

My favourite in the line is the Ginger Pear Pistachio Cake Mix. It has a real ginger kick to it, so you get that lovely warmth after each bite.

Are you noticing any new directions for wedding cakes or desserts – any new flavours coming through, new styles of cake etc.

At The Caker we’re getting more and more requests for cake banquets. So instead of having just one large cake, couples are getting multiple cakes, of all different flavours and sizes and putting them all out on display.


Tell us what the wedding cake of your dreams looks and tastes like?

An almond butter and raspberry cake with almond butter icing, topped with blush peonies, and served with mountains of fresh berries.

Together journal,

What advice would you give to couples choosing their cakes or dessert for their wedding day?

Not to stress over it too much. Often by the time you’re ready to cut the wedding cake, your guests have had one too many champagnes and will devour whatever you give them. All of our flavours are as good as each other, so just choose what you love the most and don’t worry too much about what you think your guests will want.

Together journal,

What makes you give yourself a mental high five?

Every time we get positive feedback from a happy customer I can’t help but feel proud.


Best advice you’ve ever received about being a happy human?

My mum always tells me that being a happy, upbeat person draws good things towards you, and I truly believe it.

What’s your favourite destination to travel to in New Zealand?

Waiheke! It’s far enough from Auckland to feel like a getaway, but close enough for it to not be a huge mission to get to. I love Waiheke for its incredible beaches, wonderful restaurants and overall relaxed, peaceful vibe.


To purchase one of The Caker’s incredible cakes or order a cake mix to make at home head to and you can follow The Caker on Instagram here: @thecaker

Image credits:

Together Journal, The Caker, Hill Collective – Wild Hearts Auckland.








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