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Heartfelt and light-hearted ceremonies with Roy Crane – Celebrant + Helicopter Pilot

Adaptable, welcoming and relaxed are just a few words to describe the weddings that Roy Crane officiates. With a wealth of life experience, Roy’s ceremonies are heartfelt but light-hearted, beautiful and relaxed, and most importantly, they genuinely reflect each couples’ uniquely incredible relationship and own personal style.

Roy guides you through your ceremony planning process, in a way that allows you to relax and focus your attention on being ready for the most incredible celebration of your life, and not to mention he is also a fully qualified commercial helicopter pilot to help make your day that extra bit special.

If you are looking for a stress free, fun and light-hearted wedding ceremony, read more below…

What inspired you to become a celebrant?

A few years ago, I went to a wedding which Flynny the DJ was officiating and thought, “I can do that”. I knew I had something to offer both as a celebrant and an MC to make couples feel relaxed and special, but also to take the pressure off the big day and to make it as much fun and memorable as possible.  Now I am one, which is amazing and I really do feel so privileged and lucky!

Any advice for couples in the throes of planning a wedding?

Yes! The day and the ceremony are uniquely about you. It is very easy to caught up and stressed in the planning and trying to please everyone else, that you can lose focus about why you are there. The day itself goes so quick that I recommend you keep it simple, focus on the important bits (you) and everything else will fall into place.

Why are you different to to other Celebrants?

From a humble background, I have been lucky to have had a huge life filled with some truly amazing experiences and adventures. I am an experienced commercial helicopter pilot and instructor having flown many characters from all walks of life, including Prime Ministers, and the rich and famous. I have owned and run many businesses from aviation,  finance, property and tourism. I am also a Justice of the Peace. For me, weddings are supposed to be fun and such a special day shared with close family and best friends. I bring my experience when I meet with couples at the early planning stages helping them with tips, tricks, some sample ceremonies, vows and run sheets and helping to craft an occasion uniquely about them. On the day itself, I love to mingle and get to know as many of the wedding party as I can with the simple aim of making everyone as relaxed and happy as possible.

Advice for couples writing their own vows?

Make it about you. Apart from some legal bits that have to be said, the ceremony should be uniquely about your love story and your commitment to each other. Don’t be afraid of asking for what is going to make it truly special ceremony for you both. For me, nothing is off the table.

How long does a ceremony usually go for?

That’s up to you…. If its simple, it can literally be 5-10 minutes. Normally though you should allow 15-30 minutes

How often do you meet with a couple throughout the planning?

Depends on the couple of course – at least once and ideally in person so you get to know the vibe of each other. Regular contact is encouraged to ensure everyone is on track and I can help where needed.  Some couples have become great friends as a result even before the ceremony has even taken place!

What is the most common question you get asked?

Yes, I can fly and marry you!

Favourite venues?

Back gardens, the beach or anywhere else that makes the ceremony unique and special to you.

The best weddings are…

The ones filled with giggles and laughter, shared with your special people.

For more information visit visit Roy Crane on the Wild Hearts vendor Collection HERE.


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