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A quick note to all of our NZFW and Wild Hearts partners

So here we are again…

There was always a chance that we would end up in another lockdown and not be able to go ahead with New Zealand Fashion Week and Wild Hearts as planned. Sadly, this chance has become a reality, and whilst we are, of course, disappointed, we are happy that we have a government willing to take immediate and strong action to protect our future.

 This situation is beyond our control but how we react to it is not. We are choosing to look at the positives and be thankful for our community. 

We all spent a big chunk of time communicating, designing, meeting with, and fitting our gorgeous Red Eleven models for fashion week and preparing for Wild Hearts. Although it’s been a lot of work, it has also been an opportunity to connect with you all again. It’s been lovely seeing so many familiar faces over the past month. We came away from all of our meetings, and fitting’s on a high. It’s got us thinking about how lucky we are to be in this industry, surrounded and supported by so many wonderful, talented people and brands.

We are so impressed by the high level of fashion-orientated wedding and occasion gowns, ensembles, and accessories prepared for the NZFW wedding show, and the high standard of Vendors for Wild Hearts. The new designs, the creativity, and the uniqueness we have seen from each and every designer and vendor have been amazing. The future is bright! 

Although the NZFW and Wild Hearts won’t happen as planned on the weekend of the 28th and 29th of August, there will be another date set as soon as it’s safe to do so. And on top of this, there will be many other ways we can support and showcase the gorgeous designs and talent in our incredible wedding industry in the future. We feel very inspired after everything we have seen over the past month and are using this little hiatus to refuel and reinvent ways to support our community. 

It is a privilege to drive this niche part of the wedding sector forward and be part of the team making weddings more modern and fashion orientated. And although hard at times, I am happy to lock down to protect it and everything else that makes this country so special. My heart goes out to the couples due to wed over the coming weeks and the businesses, families, and people who have been hardest hit.

Stay safe, stay kind and reach out to your friends to make sure they are OK too. Like always, we will come through this, and some really great things will come of it.  

Greta at Together Journal & Samantha at Wild Hearts

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