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A Classically English Wedding at Hedges Estate

Romanced by the picturesque surrounds of Hedge Estate, Amy and Dan’s wedding was the perfect synergy of classic beauty and old-world charm. Evoking the poetry of its location, the couple exchanged vows amongst the English-inspired gardens of the Estate. Freshly foraged blooms in hues of pastel blue and white clouds were scattered throughout, evoking a sense of timeless elegance.

A kaleidoscope of soft colors and modern romance, pastel blues enveloped each element, from the silk tulle of the bridesmaid gowns, to the delicate ribbons that decorated the quaint tablescapes.

Teeming with garden romance. every enchanting detail was beautiful capture by Amour Weddings….

The meeting….

Amy and Dan met during their final years of college back in 2011. Having known of each other’s existence through shared friend groups it wasn’t until the final year of college that they had their first conversation. During a graduation party Amy found Dan in the kitchen creating a beverage that contained half a cup of orange juice and half a cup of tequila. That’s all Dan remembers but according to Amy the two started up a conversation that continued for the rest of the night.

The following year Amy and Dan discovered that they were one of the few of all their friends to both attend the same university. As is such when attending a new school you stick with the people you know and Amy and Dan started seeing each other more often. 

Adamant that neither person was looking for a relationship this continued for 6 months until the eventful day of June 6th 2012 when they broke and admitted that we were both rather attracted to each other. 

After Amy’s 18th birthday on the 9th of June, Dan waited a couple of days to formally request a relationship with their first official date taking place on the 20th. 

The Engagement

Amy and Dan’s 10 year anniversary was a planned weekend away to Queenstown, a favourite and often visited location of theirs. On the flight down Dan informed Amy that a proposal would not be occurring this weekend as the ring that he had ordered was not ready and he promised that when it was they would plan another getaway for the event. Unbeknownst to Amy the ring was safely tucked in Dan’s left pocket.

That night at dinner (food was okay, poor recommendation from Amy’s colleague) Amy smelled a rat. Dan was not himself. He suddenly cared too much about their relationship and started reminiscing about their 10 years together. After dinner while strolling back to the hotel Dan suggested he and Amy take a picture (note Dan has never done this). Amy grew suspicious and turned down every offer as she was cold and wanted to get indoors asap. 

As they grew nearer to the hotel Dan suddenly turned to Amy and said ‘Hey’. Amy immediately burst into laughter and said ‘Is there something you want to ask me’. Dan bailed but played it off cool by replying ‘ No, is there something you wanted to ask me?’.

The walk continued and not long after they were back in their warm hotel room. While Amy was getting ready for a bath she turned and Dan was down on one knee.

Wedding theme .. 

Timeless english garden/cottage wedding


Photography by Amour Weddings | Venue Hedges Estate | Floral by Sarah’s Garden | Celebrant Nate Dunn | Bridal Gown by Astra Bridal | Makeup by Ellie Choi | Hair Styling by Hair by Yujin | Cake by Earlybird Cakes

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