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Register your interest now for 2021


The CMC is an exclusive 3-MONTH ONLINE COURSE for creative entrepreneurs who are ready to:


 Elevate their business 


  Build their confidence


  Emerge from this crazy COVID-19 era as a leader!


We’re shaping a new breed of trailblazer in the wedding industry (and beyond)


An obstacle…


COVID-19 seemingly came out of nowhere, and has completely shaken up our industry.


Events have stopped. Bookings have cancelled or postponed. The future of 2020 might feel uncertain, but guess what? Now is the perfect time to shape your own destiny.


It’s the time to invest in your business and stay present in your community, so that when life gets back to normal (and it will get back to normal), you won’t just be ready – you will CHANGE THE GAME.    


A new set of leaders will emerge from this crisis. Are you going to be one of them?

…and opportunity


There will be lots of ‘new normals’ to navigate post-lockdown, but you don’t have to go it alone.


The Creative Master Class (CMC) is designed to help you build the foundations of a thriving & sustainable business. 


Because at the end of the day, you’re not just offering a creative service or making a beautiful product. You’re running a business.

The CMC is your exclusive backstage pass to all the innovative ideas and insights you need to succeed – curated by the Wild Hearts team, with the help of a high-profile circle of industry experts. Whether you’re already an established brand or just starting out, this is your chance to learn from some of the best in the biz & adopt their winning strategies!

Here’s how the CMC programme works – you’ll receive:

Weekly emails filled with all the knowledge we have learnt over the years, along with expert tips, guest interviews, free resources, templates and so much more… 

Find it hard to keep up with the content? Don’t worry – we know that everyone learns in different ways and we will make sure the content hitting your inbox not only inspires you in your business, it will get you thinking differently, and be completely interactive – ask us questions at anytime!

Along with this we have enlisted the help of some industry legends who have come on board each with a message to share.


6x Fortnightly Zoom Power Sessions  Each of our Power Sessions will run for 1 hour and cover some of the topics below, then will be followed by a live 20 min Q&A session. 

These live discussions will give you the opportunity to interact with the speaker and ask questions. Afterwards, you’ll be sent a recording of the webinar, incase you miss a session and so you can refresh your memory at any time over the 3 Months.

24/7 access to the private CMC Facebook group, where you can grow your network, build new relationships and spitball ideas with your supportive community of fellow creatives.


Weekly tutorials to inspire the creative within & expand your skill set. Subjects include: 

Floral styling, Calligraphy, Digital art, Flaylay creation, Styling, Design, And so much more…

The Nitty Gritty


The CMC is fully digital, so you can take part wherever you are in the world.  We understand that people learn best in different environments, so whether that’s locking yourself away in the office with the music turned up, sitting outside in the sun, or lazing on the couch with your fur baby at your feet, how you choose to learn is totally up to you.

Over the course of 12 weeks, the CMC will cover a mix of marketing & branding, general business and personal growth topics, including:

Marketing & Branding


Social media strategy

Converting followers into clients

Website, email marketing and advertising


Content creation & collaborations 

Getting your work published


This is the stuff that elevates your reputation, makes people fall in love with your brand & converts them into paying clients (and loyal brand advocates!).

General Business


Action plans and goal setting

Financial management 

(cash flow, accounting & reporting)

Packaging and pricing



Pivoting in uncertain times


This is the stuff that accelerates your growth and ensures the sustainability of your business long-term. It  allows you to make confident, brave decisions as a business owner – without the stress or second guessing.

Personal Growth


Dealing with COVID-19

Stress management

Work/life balance


Health & Wellness


Running a family & business


This is the stuff that enables you to get through your busy season feeling cool, calm and collected (rather than suffering multiple mental breakdowns!). And it helps you run a business that you love – one that makes you fulfilled and happy.


Wild Hearts is an iconic brand born in New Zealand. Over the past five years we’ve worked with brides, vendors, publications and brands to elevate the wedding industry here in Aotearoa, as well as make our mark on the international stage.


We’re connectors, dreamers, doers. We believe in the power of love and the magic of storytelling. We seek to inspire the hearts of everyone and we’re incredibly proud of the supportive community we’ve built along the way.


The Creative Master Class by Wild Hearts has been in the works for some time now. Our soft launch into workshops was a huge success last year, and when COVID-19 suddenly hit, we responded by fast tracking the CMC to ensure the people in our community could benefit from it at a time when they needed it most.

Meet our 2020 industry leGEND GUESTS






www.baylymoore.com  www.sasmoore.com

















Ask yourself these questions…


√   Am I an ambitious business owner working in the wedding industry (or similar creative industry)?

√   Do I want a brand I can be proud of; one that stands out in a saturated market?

√   Do I want practical tools to grow a financially sustainable & personally fulfilling business?

√   Am I ready to dig deep, step up and become the most fearless business owner I can be?


Yes? The CMC is perfect for you!



Who’s the CMC for – do I have to be in the wedding industry to take part?

The CMC is perfect for those working in the wedding industry, but you don’t have to be to reap the benefits of this course!

Because we cover such a range of topics, the CMC is great for any entrepreneur working in any creative industry – whether you’re a florist, chef, writer, photographer, stylist, designer, web developer, marketing professional, event manager, baker, editor, artist, potter, hair stylist, makeup artist or any other type of creator. 

The CMC is for parents juggling invoices with washing. It’s for new entrepreneurs, as well as business owners who’ve been around the block. It’s for people who want to ditch their 9-5 and finally go all-in on their side gig. 

If you want to check whether your specific situation is a good fit, simply contact us for a chat!


What makes the CMC different from other courses?

There are lots of photography, wedding planning or general business courses out there, but this certainly isn’t one of them! 

The CMC is a truly holistic experience in the sense we cover everything from business fundamentals (think invoicing and cash flow) and personal growth (mindset and wellbeing) through to marketing & branding (how to build a ‘brand’ & sell it).

Through a powerful mix of open conversations and creative tutorials, we’ll help you build the foundations of a business that’s not only fun to be in, but is financially sustainable.


Can I take part from anywhere in the world? 

Yes! Whether you’re in New Zealand, Australia, the US, Europe or somewhere else, you can take part in the CMC because it’s fully digital.


What are the Power Sessions – are they structured workshops? 

Yes and no. We get that everyone learns differently, and sometimes just a conversation can spark an incredible idea. 

Every Power Session will be different, but each industry legend will share something they’re passionate about. Some will run more of a workshop style session, while for others it’ll be more of an open conversation between the speaker and the Wild Hearts team. 

All you need to do is turn up and soak it all in (and maybe take some notes!).

The conversation/workshop part of the session will run for approximately one hour, with plenty of time for Q&A at the end.


What are the dates and times of the Power Sessions?

The full schedule will be released soon. The typical kick off time will be at either 9:30am or 7.30pm (NZST) on a Wednesday.

If you can’t make a live session, you can always send your questions through to us beforehand and you can watch the recording later! 


How long will I have access to the content for? 

Every week you’ll be sent loads of resources in the form of templates, PDF guides and other materials. Most of these are yours to keep forever!

After each Power Session, you’ll also be sent a link to the video recording, so you can refresh your memory (or watch it for the first time if you can’t make the session live). The link for each Power Session will remain live for the duration of the CMC and up to one month afterwards. 


When does the CMC kick off, and when does it end?

We officially start on Monday 15 June, with the first Power Session locked in for Wednesday 17 June (with the lovely Greta from Together Journal!). The course runs for 3 months, ending 15 September 2020.